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As fellow citizens of Earth, Ark2030 invites you to join the mission and participate in climate change action.

ArkPoints will enable us to fund projects that mitigate climate change. By restoring ecosystems, we can help slow down and reverse the destruction of earth’s biodiversity and end global warming by 2030.

​ArkPoints will help to:

  • Protect and restore Earth’s biodiversity

  • Clean oceans and rivers

  • Protect existing forests, plant new ones

  • Rehabilitate  savannahs, prevent wildfires

  • Invest in the people and solutions that protect our planet

 What is an ArkPoint? 

Simply put, an ArkPoint is a value exchange to help fund eco restoration. Think of an ArkPoint like an ecological virtual currency representing an equivalent monetary value that is exchanged into directly funding global eco restoration projects in partnership with Ark2030. It is the world’s first loyalty points program that transfers consumer spending directly into funding globally certified ecological projects working towards restoring earth’s biodiversity. Restoring balance to earth’s ecosystems is critical. ArkPoints were created to help fund global eco restoration at an unprecedented pace and global scale.

As our restoration projects also remove CO2 from the atmosphere, each ArkPoint also represents 1 kg of CO2 removed. 

If you have more questions about ArkPoints, check out our FAQ.

Read more about our projects here

What can I do with the points

Ways to earn ArkPoints:

  • Available soon: 

    • Swap your existing loyalty program points for ArkPoints

    • Earn points at retail for the purchase of specific products, services and even your daily cup of coffee

    • Receive ArkPoints as an employment benefit

Putting ArkPoints to work

 Acquire ArkPoints 

 Fund projects 

 Track your ArkPoints 

 You acquire ArkPoints by earning or swapping them through your favourite
rewards programs or brands or by buying them. 

1 ArkPoint = 1 pence 

 Ark2030 converts your ArkPoints into direct funding of global eco-restoration projects. 

1 ArkPoint = 1 kg of CO

removed from the atmosphere as ecosystems grow. 

 You can track your 

ArkPoints in the Ark2030 app. The more points you acquire the bigger your contribution to ecosystem restoration. 


ArkPoint Tiers


There is no limit to how many ArkPoints you can accrue. The more ArkPoints you earn or purchase, the more you are contributing to helping restore planet earth. It’s that simple. 

More ArkPoints -> more restoration -> less CO2 -> slower global warming and finally a cooler planet.

Tier colours correspond to the universal warming stripes, visually portraying your contribution to help cool the planet.

Zero points


Earth Ablaze!

0 ArkPoints

Tier 1


1 to 9,999 ArkPoints

Tier 2


Light Blue

10,000  to 49,999 ArkPoints

Tier 3



50,000 ArkPoints + 

How to reach Net Zero?

On average each individual produces approximately 10 - 20 tonnes of CO2 per year in the developed world. If you fly a lot or live in a country with a low level of renewable energy that number is probably closer to 20. 

But let's say you produce 10 tonnes. So if you aim to reach a total of 10,000 points, you will have offset your carbon emissions for the year and achieved NetZero.

By reducing your personal carbon footprint to 0, you are making a contribution toward climate change solutions.


You can calculate your footprint by using a carbon footprint calculator


To learn more, please visit our FAQ

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