Purchase ArkPoints

Purchase ArkPoints


£5.00 monthly

A £5.00 monthly debit payment 


500 ArkPoints per month  |  0.5 tonnes of CO2



£10.00 monthly

A £10.00 monthly debit payment


1,000 ArkPoints per month  |  1 tonne of CO2



A £100.00 payment


10,000 ArkPoints  |  10 tonnes



A £200.00 payment


20,000 ArkPoints  |  20 tonnes


Other Amount

Specify your own amount based on personal footprint


Choose the amount

Earn ArkPoints

Earning ArkPoints will be a significant part of the ArkRewards programme offering.


Every participating company or brand will identify the carbon impact of each of their products and offer the corresponding carbon offset to their customer in the form of ArkPoints.


For example, if a bottle of laundry detergent has an impact of 2kg of CO2, the packaging will show that 2 ArkPoints are earned in the purchase of the detergent.


As the consumer, your purchase of this product activates those 2 ArkPoints and the value goes towards directly funding an Ark2030 restoration project.

Tell us which brands you would like to see offering ArkPoints

Swap ArkPoints

Swap your loyalty points for ArkPoints

Ark2030 is partnering with leading brands that will allow their loyalty programme members to swap or exchange their loyalty points for ArkPoints.


By swapping your existing loyalty points for ArkPoints, you will have the ability to fund restoration projects that contribute towards climate change solutions with the value you have already earned.


The current estimate of unspent loyalty points in the world is in excess of 250 billion dollars. Redirecting some of this towards climate change projects would make a real impact.


Please send us a list of the loyalty programmes you would like us to approach on your behalf to enable the ability to swap.

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