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“On this day, The Ark2030 Platform team sets out on a voyage of hope and optimism, founded on the belief that by charting the right course, we can bring an end to the climate crisis and reverse the destruction of our planet, creating a world where mankind can live in harmony with nature.”

It begins with us. The way we act internally and externally will determine the mark we make on the world.

  • Boldness and perseverance: To solve the biggest crisis on Earth we need to be bold and fast and not afraid to try and learn. We are determined to make this work

  • Accountability and Integrity: We are accountable to each other, our stakeholders, the people of earth and earth itself. We have integrity and hold ourselves to the highest standards. Without it we have nothing

  • Transparency and trust: We are transparent in everything we do. What we say is true and can be trusted. We know our numbers

  • Humility and respect: We lead with the heart. We act with care, compassion and respect. We know that we are all “just human”. We dare to ask for help if we have problems

  • Joy and purpose: We have fun and feel purpose in what we do. We know why we come to work and what we want to bring to the world, and we show this to the people around us. You can only have joy when you are at peace and people can only be at peace when the world is safe 

  • Vision and action: We always have our vision as our guiding star, while acting to making sure to get things done in the short term

  • Speed and time: We don’t waste time – our own time or others’. Time is our most precious commodity and time is of the essence to deliver on our mission

  • Communication with purpose: When we communicate, we do it thoughtfully and with a purpose, sharing what we are doing and the impact we are making

  • Equality and diversity: Within our team structure and to the people of the earth we spread our message and the money we raise equally around the world. We hold no prejudices and work for a more equal world, with diverse representation reflected in our teams

  • Sustainable lifestyle:  We live as we preach and commit to a lifestyle aligned to the goals for a cleaner healthier planet. We do not waste. We work remotely and fly as little as possible. We treasure and take active care of our health and family, knowing that we cannot succeed with our mission without them

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Our key stakeholders are projects, loyalty programs, other corporate stakeholders, strategic partners, governments and NGOs,


….every individual on Earth



…and Mother Earth herself

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